Forget pre-workout nutrition. Forget post-workout nutrition. Let's live in the moment with the intra, the during workout nutrition. I'm going to break down the three foods that I recommend you consume to boost your workout.

1. Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are effective intra workout because they don't put much strain on your digestive system. Rice usually has starch molecules that are all bound together really tight, but through the puffing process, air is injected into the rice. This allows the starch molecules to break apart, which means they absorb faster. More surface area means quicker absorption.

2. Cream of Rice

Cream of rice is much like cream of wheat, except it's gluten free and made from rice. Very finely ground rice gives you more surface area so that you can digest it easier. Add it to your protein shake and you've got a nice, steady flow of carbs that aren't going to affect you in a negative way.

3. Coconut Oil

Medium chain triglycerides, the fatty acid that is in coconut oil, helps mobilize fat throughout the course of your workout. MCTs coconut oil will help you burn and metabolize fat, and it will give you an instant surge of energy throughout the course of your workout.

There you have it - rice cakes, cream of rice, and if you're low carbing it, coconut oil in your intra workout drink. Run to the store and grab these things if you don't already have them, because you are definitely going to get some benefits out of consuming these foods during your workout. 

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