Homeless Veterans in America

Did you know that 8.6% of America’s homeless population is made up of veterans? According to the Veterans Administration (VA), that means there are about 50,000 homeless veterans sleeping on our streets every night. A dramatic drop from just 5 years earlier, where it was reported that 17%, or 75,000, homeless individuals were veterans.

Many studies suggest that lack of social support was a risk factor for homelessness. The same is said for post military social isolation. While the VA has done a tremendous job reducing the number of homeless individuals, there is still more we can do to help.

Back on My Feet  |  ending veteran homelessness

Operating in 11 major cities coast-to-coast, Back on My Feet uses running and community to motivate and support individuals every step of the way from homelessness to independence. Their success is measured not only by the health impact of miles run, but also by how many individuals obtain education, employment and housing. Of all the people Back on My Feet serves, 25% are veterans.

As veteran, and Back on My Feet alumni, Eugene shared, "Back on My Feet has done so much for my re-acclimation into my community.  After I returned home from Afghanistan in 2011, I found a foreclosure notice on my door, and I didn't know where to turn. Then I discovered Back on My Feet. With their support, I have completed dozens of races and even a marathon. Through Back on My Feet's employment partner, The Home Depot, I now have a full-time job and am truly back on my feet."

50% of all revenue from BoMF tri-blend crews will go towards Back on My Feet’s effort to end homelessness in America. Get your BOMF tri-blend crew tee here.

Help the 500,000 people, who are homeless in America each night. Take the pledge to end homelessness in America.