HYLETE is launching the first community-driven functional fitness training program ever created. Before launching to the HYLETE nation at large, we are seeking "beta" testers to help refine the program (The workouts are based upon the same type of workouts that were in the HYLETE C3 Charity Challenge).

During the month of June, we will post a new circuit workout every day on our Daily Circuit Facebook Page.  There will also be a link within each daily post to submit your feedback via a short survey.

Thank you for your interest and continued support!


HYLETE's circuit training program is designed for a lifestyle of functional fitness that strives to maximize its effectiveness through a combination of endurance, strength, and cardio circuits, while minimizing the time commitment required. The energy and effort must be put into the program to achieve the results, and the goal is to make the time spent as efficient as possible. 

The HYLETE nation community will continually provide feedback to help strengthen the effectiveness of this new functional fitness regimen. Currently, we are testing with our Beta Test Team. (see above).

The primary goal of the HYLETE Daily Circuit is to facilitate a healthier, happier life. For that reason, we have created the following axioms that are applied to the Daily Circuits:

1. Minimize the risk of injury
2. Focus on basic movements that emulate real-life situations and/or facilitate real-life needs
3. Create camaraderie

The HYLETE Daily Circuit is designed to be executed at 80-90% of max output so that participation in other athletic and/or fitness endeavors can be intermixed and enjoyed, and NOT be impeded due to excessive soreness or injury. 

Moreover, the secondary goal is to enhance the other endeavors. While the HYLETE Daily Circuit can be a great addition and/or entry into other athletic endeavors, it does not attempt to make someone a better Powerlifter, Olympic Lifter, Gymnast, Bodybuilder, etc. These endeavors, along with other ones like Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track, Golf etc., have very specific needs and require a magnitude increase in time commitments to fully achieve even intermediate proficiency, and in many cases, do so without an increase in potential injuries.

The typical HYLETE Daily Circuit will follow this time allotment:

Warmup: 7 to 10 minutes
Circuit Time: 15 to 30 minutes
Bonus Terminal: 5 to 8 minutes
Cool Down: 5 to 10 minutes
Total Time: 40 to 50 minutes

The equipment required for the HYLETE Daily Circuit includes:

1. Jump Rope
2. Kettlebells
3. Wallballs
4. Abdominal Mat
5. Pullup Bar
6. Rings
7. Standard Barbell with Weights
8. Plyobox
9. Running Space

Most gyms will have these pieces of equipment readily available, and when not, other items can be substituted to complete the circuits.

Daily Circuit Definitions:

Terminal:  An exercise movement that has a defined standard and a specified number of reps or distance.

Loop:  Two or more Terminals.  When you complete each Terminal you have completed a Loop.  The goal is to complete as many Loops as possible within the allotted time frame for the Circuit.

An allotted time period combined with an allotted rest period.  After the rest period, you repeat the defined Terminals within the Loop.   There can be two or more Cycles within a Circuit, but they are always replicas of each other and require starting at the first Terminal for each new Cycle.  Not all Circuits have Cycles.

Warm Up: 
Each Daily Circuit has a 7 to 10 minute period that includes jumping rope, dynamic stretching movements, and a one Loop run through of the Circuit itself at lower rep counts.

Cool Down: 
Each Daily Circuit has a 5 to 10 minute period that has movements designed to allow the body to cool down more gradually and statically stretch muscles while they are warm and pliable.

Bonus Terminal: 
At the end of the Circuit and prior to the Cool Down routine, there is an optional Terminal that is designed to allow you to get some other key benchmark exercises completed, but can also be skipped if you haven’t the energy or time to do so.