Abbey has know that she wanted to help others by being a personal trainer since she was 16 years old. Her passion and empathy has led her to open Hurricane Fitness where she strives to make fitness accessible to everyone regardless of an individual's financial situation or level of fitness. She makes herself available to her clients 24/7 and has been know to reply to late night texts from clients who want to share their victories.

"Abbey is a powerhouse. This young woman did not start off in this world with great advantages, but her spirit is mighty and is driven to both success and inspiration. Abbey has a never give up personality that is contagious when around her. This rugby playing, weightlifting, music making, rap singing, business owner works with people to achieve their weight gain/loss goals not just through exercise, but also by  going to the grocery store to help them make better food choices. She is a total support to her clients. She does not give up on people, even if they are starting to give up on themselves. She will push you to limits you did not know you had, all the while ensuring you are not at risk of injury. I have even witnessed this dedicated young woman hit the streets with backpacks that are filled with relief items for the homeless on the streets. She sat down on the street to truly listen to and minister to another human in need. She is willing to do the work, give of herself, and dream of a better world. Her dream is to open a full service gym that will offer a sliding scale assistance to those who are at risk or are in need of improvement on the health front. She will offer personal training, nutritional coaching, and psychological support through professionals. Abbey Luebke is truly a compassionate woman with the drive to achieve her goals and help those in her care go for theirs."

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