Ben is the owner of CrossFit Effingham and an on call firefighter. His contribution and commitment to his local area and the fitness community as a whole is unquestionable. Ben offers a free fitness class that is open to the public every Saturday. Outside the gym, he runs a subsidized boot camp that generates money for the local park district and corporate wellness classes. He is even on a panel that will provide free training tips to those wanting to get in shape for their first Spartan Race. Ben has assembled a team of six fellow trainers who share his philosophy, "The hardest part for me is that I know I can't help everyone but I'm going to fight like hell to."

"Ben is such a positive and motivating individual which is why I think he is such a wonderful trainer.  He has the ability to get people excited about fitness and be better today than yesterday.  He's ready with a modification if you need it, but also an encouragement to try a little harder and see what you may be able to do today.  This ability has made me comfortable in an environment that was pretty much terrifying at first.  As far as contributing to positive change in the community, I've seen as many as 40 people at a community workout on a Saturday morning, amazing!  Plus, Ben was integral in making the Spartan workout stop, here in Effingham, a success.  He's also worked with our local library several years in a row on a Couch to 5K program which both encourages those scared to take the first step out the door and raises funds for a valuable community organization." 

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