Christine achieved a lifelong dream when she became a trainer and manager at Snap Fitness. It was while she was at Snap Fitness that she started a program to help those graduating with fitness degrees get jobs in their field. Then in 2015, when her son was diagnosed with leukemia. Christine quit her position at the gym and opened Titan Up Fitness in her garage so she could have more flexibility to take care of her children and her clients. She has met life's challenges head on and is helping others by being a pediatric cancer advocate, sharing her story with others in her community.

"Christine Frye is an inspiration. She has been involved in fitness since 2007 and in 2014 became a certified personal trainer. Since that time she has worked in training, managing trainers, and managing a gym. In late 2015 her youngest son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. For his treatment, she has to drive over 200 miles to Phoenix Children's Hospital on a weekly basis since there is not a treatment facility in her area. However, she managed for months to take care of her clients, her son, and her other two children. In March she had to resign her dream job of training and managing at a gym, but that did not stop her from living her dream. She had to be at home for her son but still wanted to train. So she went to the internet and found as much equipment as she could to convert her garage into a personal training studio, which was the birth of her L.L.C. Titan Up Fitness. She created this to continue to care for her child and community. She is actively involved in boot camps, one on one training, and helped start a board to bridge the job placement gap between collage graduates in fitness and job placement in the community. They have introduced intern programs and also direct classes that are valuable to the students. Christine is the definition of inspiration. She is facing adversity head on where many people would crumble she is raising to the top."

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