Karla left her career in the Air Force due to a knee problem and was told to file for partial disability because she would never participate in fitness again. After four back and four knee surgeries, Karla works as the health coach, trainer, group class instructor, and the wellness director for a private club. Her clients range from ages 8 to 103 years old and she uses her 25 training certifications to cater to each of her client's individual needs.

"Karla is not only a tremendous fitness instructor and trainer to all, but she serves as a real friend and encourages some that would otherwise be unable to exercise. She has worked with a member for years that is now 103 years old and can no longer leave her home. She has worked with a teenage boy that has Asperger's and her kindness, patience and friendship is heartwarming. Karla also worked for years with a member that had severe Neuropathy. Her encouragement to this gentleman enabled him to continue to exercise and improve his mobility dramatically. This gentleman just recently died and even when he was unable to come to her to exercise she went to his home not only to assist with exercise but for support, encouragement, and to be a friend. Her visits were always the high point of his days. There is another member that recently was admitted to a facility for those with dementia, and even though he was never a client he was always fond of her, so she continues to visit him for support.  Karla is a very good friend to many and she is very humble and giving without calling attention to herself. I found out about her acts of kindness not through Karla but through the families she helps. Exercise and fitness are a real ministry and talent of Karla's, not only is she extremely motivating in her training and classes but her outreach to members through exercise and friendship is remarkable."

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