Kenny first experienced CrossFit when he weighed 320 lbs. and only cared about how much he could bench. He was the first to bring CrossFit to his community, starting out in his garage, and eight years ago opening the first CrossFit gym in his area. He prides his gym on being accessible to athletes of all abilities from CrossFit Games athletes, to paraplegic athletes, to kids.

"Kenny took a huge leap of faith and started the first CrossFit box in the area (Parkland CrossFit). Kenny has said and will continue to say, 'I was once the fat kid and I have an eating disorder'.  At his heaviest, he weighed 320 pounds and has lost a total of 130 pounds. He understands the everyday struggle with food temptations and the difficulty of exercising. Because we all know that gym memberships can be a financial burden and for some a deterrent as to why they can't go to a gym, if a person is unable to pay gym dues, that's OK. He would rather a person come in and workout as opposed to staying away and work on the finances together. He said this is just one reason he 'stays broke'. Some of the most heartwarming moments I have ever seen is when Kenny will take and cuddle brand new babies so mama can focus on her workout as he coaches. Most of the time, those fussy babies will fall right to sleep despite the loud music and clanging of weights. Now that's a skill!  At times he has been called the baby whisperer. Another way he has gone above and beyond is he literally took a young mother to the grocery store to teach her how to read food labels and shop healthy. After shopping they would go to her house and he would instruct her on how to cook nutritionally sound. It is truly amazing at how many people admire Kenny. In a small community, you bet that they know who he is. I don't know how he does it! He is in some way able to balance his family, work, social life, lending a helping hand at area fundraisers, and his passion for healthy living and helping others do the same, perhaps it is because he walks our journeys with us."

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