Sam is a PhD with a self described "fitness problem". While he was a teacher, he saw a faculty that needed help getting in shape, so he developed a fitness program for them. Once that was successful, he did the same for the bus drivers and then the parents of the children he was teaching. His success at the school eventually led him to stop teaching and start his own company, which offers bootcamps and training at his facility.

"Before fully moving into his SMUGS Fitness business Sam worked at Woodward Academy in College Park Georgia just outside Atlanta as a science teacher. He saw how others needed help getting in shape and being healthier. So, he reached out to campus leadership and developed a "boot camp" where faculty could come out, get fit, and support one another in their health journey. With the success of this program, he moved to tackle another group of folks... the bus drivers. Sam worked with the bus drivers to get them motivated after driving buses all day long. He helped them get out of the driver's seat and gain the energy to better their lives. Folks started to pay attention and some paying attention were the parents. My child's teacher is getting fit, my child's bus driver is getting fit, so let's move to see if he can help the parents. So, Sam moved to start helping parents. Out of all of this, he was able to start his own company, SMUGS Fitness, and now has a program at two private school campuses and teaches bus drivers from those facilities. The parents have moved beyond the original program and some of them train with him personally. When Sam transitioned into his personal training fitness company, some of the students he was a coach for back in school came to him for help in getting ready to be college athletes. It is amazing to see how one person can touch the lives of so many, from teachers close to retirement to students just beginning their fitness journey."

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