pricing & discounts

How do I receive 40% off?

Log in to and as a team member, your 40% off retail pricing will be applied automatically. You receive 40% off retail even if you order just 1 item.

What discount can I give to my network?

When those you refer create an account they will receive up to 40% off every order. On orders of one item they pay full retail, on orders of 2-3 items they receive 20% off retail, and on orders of 4+ items they receive 40% off retail on their entire order. You can earn free gear when sharing this discount with your network.

earning free gear & making referrals

How do I earn free gear?

As a team member when your first 10 referrals create an account with HYLETE through your unique URL you earn 100 HYLETE points. In addition you earn 40 HYLETE points for every referral that makes a purchase.

How do I make a referral?

Log in to and click on “my referrals” on the left hand side. Use the tools on the “my referrals” page to share your unique URL. Anyone who clicks on your unique URL and creates an account is your referral.

What are HYLETE points?

HYLETE points are redeemable for free gear at checkout on

What are the value of HYLETE points?

20 HYLETE points = $1

Where should I post my unique URL so it is most effective?

Your unique URL can be inserted into social media posts, emails, blog posts, and websites.

Does HYLETE have any images I can use to promote their offer?

event sponsorship

How does HYLETE sponsor events?

If approved for sponsorship, HYLETE will send the winners e-gift cards as a prize package following the event. HYLETE also offers the event network a discount of up to 40% off retail prior to the event.

What is a sponsored event required to do?

All HYLETE sponsored events are required to notify their network via social media and email that by creating an account with HYLETE they receive up to 40% off every order.

Does HYLETE have any images I can use to promote their offer?

How do my winners receive their e-gift cards from HYLETE?

At the event take down the first name, last name, and email of the winners. After the event send that information to and HYLETE will send the e-gift cards to the winners.