By Gabrielle Kassel

You’ve spent the past few months doing more tricep dips, power-cleans, battle rope slams, and muddy wall climbs than you can count. So go on, it’s time to peel those layers and pieces that dutifully get you from the car to the gym, the subway to the box, your front door to yoga, and through your outdoor transitional-season run. Show off your hard work with a sleeveless shirt and embrace the latest athleisure trend.

And while tanks may be the all the rage in HIIT classes everywhere, not all tanks are created equal, especially when it comes to comfort, fit, and style. But whether you’re mid-burpee at bootcamp, cat-cowing in hip-hop yoga, getting your hands on the bar at CrossFit, or planning a barre-to-brunch kind of Saturday, the circuit performance racer tank should be your go-to. Here are 6 reasons why.

You’ll Look Good

Tanks have officially taken over tees as the go-to workout gear of the season. But to feel good in the latest trend, you want to look good, and the circuit performance racer tank will make you do just that. With a second-skin feel, the tank is slim without being suffocating. That means you don’t have to worry about that too-tight fit that leaves you gasping for air or self-conscious about your bod. Plus, the simple monochromatic design is enhanced by flattering athletic side panels that’ll highlight your athletic figure while adding style, breathability, and also keep you cool.

It’ll Stay In Place The Entire Workout

Bottom panel-stitching keeps the tank in place even when you move side-to-side (obliques, here we come), upside down, or press some heavy weight overhead (boulder shoulders, you’re in our horizon). Because the tank accommodates all planes of motion, you don’t have to alter your workout to keep your torso covered. So go ahead, pick those weights up from the floor, squat low, and even do some handstand push-ups, the hemline will keep your backside covered. Plus, the racerback cut gives your arms and shoulders free range to pump iron, get down and dirty with the barbell, and move your shoulders overhead in yoga, without the fabric getting in the way. Winning? You bet. 

You Don’t Have To Worry About Chafing

When it comes to chafing, there are two main culprits: stitching and sweat. HYLETE negates both those factors in the circuit performance racer tank thanks to the seamless design that will keep your underarms from getting irritated, and the sweat wicking technology. The 82% nylon and 18% polyester blend helps pull the sweat from your body, while the mesh paneling makes sure even your sweatiest spots don’t stain or dampen. That means go ahead and take that long run, show the rower who’s boss, and take on that 10-mile mud course, we promise you won’t have to stop mid-way to vaseline those tender spots.

It’ll Keep You Cool

Not only will you be able to avoid pit-sweat by opting for a tank over a tee, but you’ll be able to avoid cleavage sweat-stains or a little pool at your back, thanks to the strategically placed mesh-paneling that provides heat ventilation. Plus, this tank get’s serious bonus points for making getting dressed a breeze (which, yes, you’ll literally feel when you’re working out).

It Comes In 2 Different Colors

The circuit performance racer tank comes in two colors: heather gray/cool gray and, heather sea/sea , and comes in sizes s-xl (that fit true to size). So whether you’re an OCR-addict, a hip-hop yogi, or love trying out new HIIT classes, the circuit performance tank allows you to do your think with max breathability and stay. Just be warned, this tank will definitely make you want to invest in a some super cute leggings as well. Here are a few ideas.  

About the Author

Gabrielle Kassel is a New York based health and fitness writer with a passion for weight-training, playing (and watching) rugby, running through the mud, and living mindfully. Her work has appeared on Women’s Health Online,, Barbend, Tough Mudder, Vitamin Shoppe, Healthline, and more. When she isn’t typing away in Brooklyn coffee shops, you can find her bench-pressing, reading self-help books, and posting about her love of HYLETE gear on her Instagram,