Below are two of our favorite HYLETE Fit Pro nominations from this week.

Jonathan Olivencia

“Jonathan has been a constant fixture of support and guidance. He has pushed me to challenge myself to lift more than I could have ever imagined and perform complex movements that I did not know existed.”

Jonathan Olivencia is a Master Trainer at the Mercedes Club, but his work goes well beyond the walls of the gym, he is building a community. Jonathan has created an online forum where he post videos and articles for his clients, making training both mental and physical. His clients come together in person for Group Workout Sessions where they focus on fundamentals and discuss their progress. Most recently he helped coordinate the Summer Games at the Mercedes Club, a competition which allowed trainers and clients of all abilities to show their individual strengths,

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Abbey Luebke

“Abbey Luebke is truly a compassionate woman with the drive to achieve her achieve goals and help those in her care go for theirs.”

Abbey Luebke runs Hurricane Fitness Personal Training but her compassion extends well beyond those she trains. She has been seen taking relief items to the homeless, sitting down with them to listen to another human in need. In the gym, she pushes her clients to their limits while ensuring there is not a risk of injury. Not only does she work with people to achieve their fitness goals through exercise, but has been known to go to the grocery store to help them make better food choices t

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