Below are some of our favorite HYLETE Fit Pro nominations from this week.

Frank Colavita

“Frank saw my full potential before I did”

Frank Colavita is the owner of CrossFit Greendale and is a CrossFit Games Athlete in the 50-54 Masters Division, but his own athletic accomplishments are not why he was nominated. Frank has gone out of his way to train an adaptive athlete with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy and a member with tachycardia resulting in a quadruple coronary bypass. Unfazed by their unique needs, Frank has give these members the ability to approach their training as just another day at the gym because he has taken the time to help them reach their full potential. He does not give up on any of his athletes and will not allow them to give up on themselves.

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Samuel Mugavero

“One person has created a passion for fitness in and around our campus and is changing lives.”

Dr. Samuel J. Mugavero III, aka Smugs, was working as a Science Teacher when he saw that his co-workers needed help getting healthy. As a result, Sam developed a bootcamp where school’s faculty could get fit, as well as receive support and guidance on their fitness journey. Once that program was successful, he moved on to developing a training program for bus drivers and then took went a step further to train the parents of the students. Born out of this drive to help others, Sam started SMUGS Fitness. He now has a physical location, Smugs Fitness Lab, and continues to develop a passion for fitness in his community.

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Dave Hedges

“Dave is our hero :)”

Dave Hedges is a founding member of Wild Geese Martial Art & Fitness where he trains every level of athlete from kettlebell champions to those with long term injuries. In 2010, a wellness and recovery center for adults living with mental health difficulties had a group of service users try out an introductory 10 sessions at Dave’s gym. These individuals loved getting active and could feel the benefits of physical activity improving their mental health. Unfortunately, the recovery center had no funding to continue classes after the initial 10 sessions. Dave offered to do a one mile walk, swinging a 24 kg kettle bell, to raise the money for the service users. This was a huge success, due to his ongoing fundraising efforts, those from the recovery center continue to train with Dave on a weekly basis.

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