With a little more than a week left to nominate your trainer or coach, check out some of our favorite HYLETE Fit Pro nominations from this week.

Michael Caron

“He has dedicated himself and has carried out his mission through the country with a unique vision and contagious enthusiasm.”

Michael Caron is committed to serving the youth in his community, not only is he a teacher and a coach but also the founder of the organization Get Burly, which boast the motto: ""Passion, Realization and Commitment."" Mike has been successful with a variety of programs including inner-city youth programs and advanced adult leadership seminars. His retreats and mentorship can take place anywhere, from neighborhood playgrounds, to white water rafting on Maine’s Penobscot River, to a retreat on Mammoth Mountain in California. Mike’s goal is not only to inspire his students to care about their team and their own personal fitness, but to positively impact the larger world around them.

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Benjamin Siemer

“I credit Ben with saving my life. Seriously…I was on a path that surely would have lead to death by heart attack or stroke or some other obese-induced disease.”

Benjamin Siemer owns Crossfit Effingham in Effingham, IL and has brought a new level of fitness and community to the area. He hosts a free community workout every Saturday at his gym that is open to anyone. He takes the time to answer every question about fitness and nutrition, but he also takes the time to make sure that the person asking understands so thank knowledge can be put into practice. However, Ben’s commitment to fitness in his community extend beyond the walls of his gym, he supports a number of local fitness events including a Couch to 5K program.

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John Haney

“Thank you John for everything you do for CrossFit LBC. You have forever changed all of our lives and made us better versions of who we want to be in and out of the gym!”

John Haney’s day begins before the 5 a.m. class at his gym, CrossFit LBC. Once his morning classes are done he starts his full time job at a local high school, then returns to the gym for the evening classes. He has created an environment where his members are educated on technique and motivated to show up and push during their workouts not only by the coaching staff but by the other members that make up CrossFit LBC.  As if working two jobs were not enough, John has both organized and participated in events that benefit cancer research, local sports teams, community outreach, and membership outings. John’s commitment to his members and his community are unquestioned.

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