Summer is here and it’s time to go out and have fun. Whether it’s a hike, run, outdoor workout, CrossFit, obstacle course race, or a straight up bodybuilding workout, HYLETE has the right pair of shorts to provide maximum comfort and durability. I’m a personal trainer and obstacle course racing (OCR) athlete and I’ve seen fellow OCR athletes wearing HYLETE apparel dating back to when I started the sport in 2014. In fact, I wore a pair of HYLETE vertex shorts last year at the Citi Field Spartan Race and I’ve rocked the shorts for the majority of OCRs since then. That’s of course, until I wore the verge II to the 2017 Spartan Race Sprint in Tuxedo, NY.

In addition to wearing the verge II to this OCR, I also wear them while training clients and during workouts. Check out five reasons why the HYLETE verge II short is a top pick for anyone's summer wardrobe.

Lightweight with Optimal Stretch

The verge II shorts are made using both of the most popular clothing manufacturing methods: woven and knit. The woven fabric allows the shorts to weigh in at less than 1lb while maintaining sweat-wicking and water resistant properties. The interlocking loops of fabric in the flex knit panels provide a unique stretchiness for any workout that summer may bring. Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, the verge II is the ideal blend of durable and flexible with superior thermoregulation. 

Moisture Wicking

It’s true that water loss through sweat helps cool off skin in hot environments during exercise. But, you know what else helps cool off skin during exercise? Drinking water and pouring it on your face, back of neck and even arms/leg. Cotton doesn’t wick water, which results in a soggy, heavy piece of apparel that can seriously affect performance in sports where speed matters such as running and OCR. Having sweat pushed out away from your skin provides a mental alertness or “still fresh” feeling, which should last if you’ve been properly hydrating and taking electrolytes. In general, try to drink 125 or 91 ounces of water for men and women respectively per day. Those amounts vary based on your sweat rate, which is the number of pounds you lose per hour of exercise. To find your sweat rate, simply weigh yourself prior to exercise, go workout, dry off, strip down to nude, and weigh yourself. If you’ve lost more than 2-3% of your body weight, you’re dehydrated and need to drink more water daily.

Antimicrobial Fabric

Moisture next to skin is a leading cause of microbial infection, meaning bacteria enters the body when skin is wet. This bacteria is what causes body odor when you sweat. HYLETE’s woven fabric is treated with an antimicrobial solution, allowing it to keep you germ-and odor-free. Antimicrobial fabric is most important in a gym setting, where you want that extra bit of protection against bacteria so you don’t smell during a group fitness class, on the treadmill, or by the dumbbell rack.

Pick Your Color, Size, and Length

The HYLETE verge II shorts are available in five different colors: cool gray/port, cool gray/silver, navy/agean, black/black, and port/cherry. The workout shorts come in up to 14 different sizes, ranging from x-small to xx-large. Plus there’s a drawstring waistband (more on that below). The small to XXL size range represents a size 28 to 40 waist. There are so many sizes because some, for example medium, are available in different out seam lengths such as medium long or medium quad cut. The out seam represents the length of the short from the waistband until it ends on the leg, and that range from 16.4 to 22.5 inches.

Runners tend to favor shorter shorts to ensure maximum movement and smoothness on the course so a Quad Cut might be favorable to them. Weightlifters may favor longer shorts to protect skin against any rubbing from barbells, dumbbells, and contact with gym floors. OCR athletes may want an above the knee cut, to cover their thighs and protect from abrasions or thorns, yet their knees are still free to run and jump. Men’s physique competitors should definitely consider HYLETE for their competition shorts, as they provide the ideal balance between style and functionality. Regardless of what you’ll be doing this summer, there’s a reason to wear the verge II short.

They’ll Stay On

The verge II shorts are made with a patented two way drawstring system that allows you to tie the strings on the outside or loop and tie them inside. This way, you can opt for a strings showing or strings hidden look. The strings themselves contain silicone on top, preventing slippage and the dreaded “re-tie during workout.” I’ve actually worn shorts during OCRs that had a drawstring but the string only tightened the waistband to an extent so they would keep slipping down. I’ve literally thrown out a pair of shorts during a long OCR and wore just the compression pants underneath due to the impossibility of having to hold my shorts up during the race. That issue did not arise when I wore the verge II during OCRs.

When searching for a pair of workout shorts, not slipping down should be the number one feature and the HYLETE verge II meets that prerequisite. 

Two Zipper Pockets

It seems like a pretty simple feature, but having two large, secure zipper pockets on a pair of athletic shorts quickly shoots those shorts to the top of your workout gear list. We’ve all been there: you’re wearing shorts with open pockets and your wallet slips out and you lose it. Or, your shorts only have one pocket so you can’t hold your phone, wallet, and keys so you hold your phone then wind up dropping and breaking it. These frequent issues should become impossible and that’s where the verge II shorts come in. In fact, the zippers themselves are YKK zippers, which is a Japanese company that produces half of the zippers in the entire world. They’re known to be sturdy and come at a higher cost, but since HYLETE is the shorts brand, that’s the security they must provide.

With the verge II, you can ergonomically store an iPhone 7 Plus or Galaxy S8+, in addition to your keys, wallet, energy gels, and supplements in your pockets, eliminating the need for a running belt.

Watch the video: Why the Verge II Short is Your Summer Go-To

about the author

Mark Barroso, NSCA-CPT, Spartan SGX Coach, is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and fitness Journalist based in New Jersey. Barroso's work has appeared in Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, M&F Hers, FLEX,, Fitness Magazine, and more. When Barroso isn't creating original health/fitness content, he enjoys weightlifting, cooking, running, and obstacle course racing. Barroso has completed 30 obstacle course races and counting, often wearing HYLETE apparel and packing his HYLETE backpack for the ride. For more information about Barroso, visit