Everyone knows that exercise is the way to get stronger, leaner, and fitter. Though those are great benefits, there are so many more benefits that don’t seem to get their due. Being active and making sure to get plenty of regular exercise has the potential to offers you some huge advantages beyond those that were mentioned above. Keep reading to learn all the eight hidden benefits of exercise you don’t want to miss!

1. Makes You Happier.

Many studies have demonstrated that the endorphin rush experienced during exercise can go on to last well beyond that workout. It has even been shown to be as beneficial as taking an anti-depressant. Exercise does wonders to boost mood and the more regularly you exercise, the more pronounced the benefits.

2. Makes You Smarter.

Besides your muscles, your brain enjoys a good workout as well. Exercise can be a key component in helping keeping your brain sharp. Those who engage in regular exercise even have the added benefit of reducing their chances of dementia in their later years.

3. Strengthens Your Immune System.

The immune system plays a huge role in just about all aspects of your health and wellness and exercise is a terrific way to boost the immune system. There is significant evidence that shows that individuals who exercise regularly do not get sick nearly as often as their sedentary counterparts. Be sure to not overdo it though, as too much exercise can have a negative effect.

4. Cleanses Your Body.

Improving blood circulation along with sweating heavily can aid your body in moving toxins out of your system naturally and quickly. If you are looking for a good cleanse, then you will want to engage in exercise that gets the heart pumping and helps you to work up a sweat.

5. Increases Your Life Expectancy.

All of that time that you put in at the gym may be adding up to years when it comes to your life expectancy. Those who exercise as little as 15 minutes each day can extend their lives by about three years. Putting in double that amount will increase that number up to four years.

6. Helps Your GI System.

Eating high-fiber foods can be critical to keeping things moving in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract but being physically active can also help to keep the GI system moving at its best. Getting regular exercise helps to maintain regular bowel movements as well.

7. Helps Prevent Injury.

Any exercise that strengthens your core also gives you an added benefit by helping prevent injury. A strong core can help do things such as strengthen your back and improve your balance. In addition, regular strength training can help keep your bones strong and ward off issues like osteoporosis. Both of these things will help reduce your risk of injury.

8. Improves Your Sleep.

Millions of people struggle with insomnia. The answer for those people may just be exercise. It is the missing ingredient you need for a better night’s sleep. Besides using energy, exercise can aid in reducing stress which will help you to turn your mind off and fall asleep easier. It also helps assist with the natural body temperature changes you need to signal your brain to sleep. But make sure to get your exercise early enough in the day since exercising too close to bedtime may leave you too revved up to get a proper night’s sleep.