By Amber DeLauer

Finding time to squeeze in a workout can be challenging as a mother. Get back in shape with HYLETE Health Advisor, Amber DeLauer. Amber introduces 8 quick tips that will help you sneak exercise into your daily routine and allow you to give back to yourself again.

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The following is a transcription of the above video:

To all the mamas out there, and as a new mom myself, I know it's not easy to find time to squeeze in a workout. I'm Amber DeLauer, your HYLETE health advisor, and I'm here to help you mamas out there get in shape. Listen, we all do our best to raise our babies, love our spouses, keep our homes in order, and excel in our careers, but in between diaper changes, chasing little feet down the hallway, baseball games, and dance lessons, mamas tend to give so much of themselves to others that they put themselves very last. We give, and we expect so much of ourselves that so much of our confidence suffers, and it can take decades to rebuild.

Here at HYLETE, we know that in the real world, your time's a hot commodity, whether your babies are babies or all grown up, you know, because of life. So in honor of Mother's Day and doing for you, here are a few little ways to sneak exercise into your daily schedule.

Number one. Park further away from your destination. Two, plank it out during commercials. Three, do squats in between cooking. Four, walk while you make your phone calls. Five, calf raises while you're in line. Six, leave dumbbells at the bottom of your stairs. Seven, bicep curl your grocery bags. And lastly, give the HYLETE Daily Circuit a try. It takes 20 minutes, and it's a great workout that you can get done at home. Because mamas, you do so much, and health is not one size fits all. Make exercise a thing that fits into your life how you want it to, and more importantly, how you need it to. And from all of us here at HYLETE, happy Mother's Day. Now, go find some time for you.