Andy McDermott, creator of McDermott Family Fitness, has built a series of workouts that can be done anywhere, by anybody with minimal time and equipment. Andy’s latest workout, Box Workout, has a simple set-up that you can use for any circuit-type session. ""The box structure works particularly well with a family or a group because whoever isn't training with you can hang out in the middle of the box and coach or cheer the rest,"" says Andy. 

In the Box Workout video above, you’ll be performing 4 exercises based on the available space and the fitness level of the group. Aim for 5 rounds. At each corner of the box, the group will perform a designated exercise for a certain amount of repetitions or a set amount of time, such as 30 seconds. Once the group is done with that corner's movement, then run to the next corner, and keep going. ""Since Juice and I were doing a fun family workout here, we kept the box small and the exercises simple."" said Andy. ""Here was our quick, fun, and invigorating beach circuit.""

Corner 1: Push-Ups.  10 reps.

Corner 2: Squats. 10 reps.

Corner 3: Burpees: 5 reps.

Corner 4: Mountain Climbers: 20 reps.

""Remember: you are in charge of the workout; choose the exercises and difficulty based upon who is training,"" said Andy. ""The key to fun family fitness is fun. It's okay to laugh at yourselves, compete, and cheer for each other. Let's Go!""