Andy McDermott, creator of McDermott Family Fitness, has built a series of workouts that can done anywhere, by anybody with minimal time and equipment. Andy’s latest workout, Fight with a TRX, is an example of a challenging circuit using the TRX. A TRX Suspension Trainer, is a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to complete hundreds of exercises. Suspension training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. “You don't have to be a fighter in order to work out like one and reap the benefits,” says Andy. “Fight with a TRX is a metabolic monster!  Doing 5 continuous rounds of 1 minute each of these 5 exercises is championship-level stuff.”

In the Fight With a TRX full video above, you'll be performing these movements which will quickly tax your entire machine:

  1. The MMA Burpee: with one foot supported, your core is activated and fighting to stabilize you throughout the movement. This is an advanced movement, in order to get proficient, break it into two parts first. The Burpee, and then the Jumping Knee Strike. Once comfortable, combine the two!
  2. The Squat to Grappler Curls: another exercise to get multiple muscle groups moving, targeting the glutes and quads as well as the biceps. A benefit here is pushing past normal failure because your upper and lower movers are helping each other.
  3. The Twister: this move takes advantage of the TRX capability to train rotationally.  Allow your feet to pivot as well, ensuring your body is twisting athletically.
  4. The Atomic Push-Up: this classic TRX challenge targets your upper pushing muscles along with your core. It can be done with both feet in, or for added stabilization work, with only one foot supported.
  5. The Run: you determine the challenge level; either run back and forth for one minute, run a 400, run a set of stairs, etc.


“All of my workouts follow a similar structure,” says Andy. “First, take 5 minutes to get a good warm-up and prepare for training. Then, push hard through 4 strength and resistance exercises, followed by 1 minute of an active rest exercise such as the running you’ll see here. The active rest keeps your machine running hot and burning fat, but allows a ""reset"" for your targeted muscles to be ready for the next set.”Learn more about McDermott Family Fitness and view Andy's other videos at