Jamie Toland of Grinder's Gear Review, is a professional fitness writer and apparel reviewer. He recently had an opportunity to test, and review the apex II ribbed collar jacket. Continue reading to see what he had to say about the apex II jacket.

What is it?

The apex II ribbed collar jacket from HYLETE is the latest edition of quality outerwear from them. Their website explains, “The apex II ribbed collar jacket was designed specifically for the hybrid athlete’s outdoor training regimen and lifestyle. The lightweight, ultra-durable, inner fleece fabric effortlessly moves with you during active use while the power mesh panels regulate body temperature, providing an attractive athletic design that transcends training to become an everyday favorite.”

What do I think?

It’s hard to qualify this statement, but the apex II is the best jacket that HYLETE has made. I only say the first part because I really loved (and still wear) the original apex.  So what’s different? Well the overall design isn’t very altered which is good, in my opinion. I love the addition of the zip pocket on the sleeve.  The main difference is the inner “fleece” that is very soft and breathable.  With this redesign, HYLETE has created a sturdier feel to the apex, which is an upgrade from the original version. The jacket fits true-to-size and it is perfect for warming up before a WOD, wearing for a jog, or just as an everyday jacket. 

Why do you need it? 

If you are looking to get away from the same old hoodie, this is a  great way to branch out.  It’s light, but protects against the elements, and I have found that it is an incredibly good jacket to wear when traveling.