By Thomas DeLauer

Cold Brew vs Regular Coffee 

HYLETE Health Advisor Thomas DeLauer provides a clearer understanding of the differences between cold brew and regular coffee. Coffee is great for the body and if you are looking to save your teeth, get a better pre-workout, and change the way your body looks, here’s why you might want to choose cold brew over regular coffee! 


If you are a coffee fanatic and want to learn more watch DeLauer explains how caffeine works. 

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The following is a transcription of the above video:

What's going on, Hylete Nation? It's Thomas DeLauer and today, I wanna talk to you a little bit about coffee. Simply because everyone always seems to think that coffee is bad. Well, at the end of the day, coffee is really something that can help benefit you in a lot of different ways. But, the one that I really wanna focus on is the fact that it mobilizes what are called free fatty acids in the body. You see, whenever a cell releases fat to be used for energy, they turn into free fatty acids. Well, caffeine mobilizes these free fatty acids so they move throughout the body a lot better. And that's why caffeine, in moderation, is definitely not a bad thing. Especially if you're trying to recompose your body and change how you look a little bit.

But, the big question is always: What's the difference in cold brew and regular coffee? Well, I'm gonna tell you why I'm a fan of cold brew. Simply because it contains significantly less acid than regular hot brewed coffee. You see, hot brewed coffee, you're running hot water over the beans, which means you're getting a lot of the tannins, you're getting a lot of acids, along with the coffee. Whereas, cold brew is actually soaking in cold water for 24 to 48 hours, leaching out the caffeine and leaching out the coffee without all the acid. So, therefore, it's not as hard on your teeth, but it's also not as hard on your GI tract. And to make matters even better, you end up with about 30 to 40% more caffeine too.

So, you're getting all the caffeine without the acidity and without the tannins that can cause a lot of problems. So, that's the simple, basic difference between cold brew and hot brew coffee. If you're trying to save your teeth, if you're trying to get a better pre-workout and you're trying to change how your body looks, you're probably gonna stick with your cold brew coffee.

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