Over the last couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure of wearing, racing and training in HYLETE shorts in a variety of environments. From the gym, to the trail, to around the house, and even on a couple of Obstacle Course Races (OCRs). I’ve tested their shorts in all sorts of conditions and environments.

There are several common themes that run through all their products. Quality and durability are a HYLETE staple and are never in question. A variety of options in both waist size (further adjustable by drawstrings) and length (three different lengths for each size) are always there ensuring a perfect fit. Comfort is a guarantee using a polyester/spandex blend that I know you’ll love. With so many similarities, how do you decide which shorts to buy? Here’s one man’s opinion after spending so much time in them (of note, I picked the shortest length option for all shorts).

Helix II Short

My favorite use for these is day-to-day wear. The lack of liner makes these less ideal for running unless you are wearing compression underneath. Still, I have friends who wear them for OCRs. I picked the shortest length and find them awesome for day-to-day wear but personally, a little too long for running. 

Verge II Short

My favorite use for these is versatility. If you are going running, then to the gym, then grabbing lunch, heading to the climbing gym afterward, and then to the beach to go swimming, you can literally put on the Verge II in the morning and never change. The lined short option means you can train in any way you want and the multiple lengths means you will feel comfortable wearing them around town and still look good.

Incline Short - Liner

My favorite use for these is running. The liner on the inside of the shorts combined with the zippered pockets makes these shorts ideal for a short or long run. The most unique aspect of these shorts is the loop they have for hanging your shirt from, allowing you to take it off mid-run or mid-workout without throwing it on the floor or having to carry it. It seems like a bizarre feature but after having shorts with the loop, I now want all my shorts to have this feature.  

Rep Short

My favorite use for these is wearing them around the house, using them as pajamas, or wearing them to the gym for arm or shoulder day. The lack of liner combined with my insistence on buying the shortest version make these less than ideal for running or wearing to the gym for leg day/bench press or anything else that requires me laying down.

I honestly think you can’t go wrong with HYLETE. The more items I pick up from their website, the more I fall in love with their brand. My only complaint is that I didn’t find them sooner and spent years buying clothing from inferior brands. Feel free to use this as a guide when picking out your next pair of shorts and share it with your friends to help them out. Train hard, stay motivated and I look forward to seeing everyone back on the race course!

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About Author:

Evan “Ultra-OCR Man” Perperis is a NSCA-CPT and athlete on the Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team. He regularly runs ultra-distance OCR events including multi-day charity events like 2020’s 8-day, 200 mile, 1000+ obstacle OCR America, which are covered in depth in his biography. He is the author of 5xOCR books and has more than 50 OCR overall podiums including a world championship title by winning the two man team division at 2018’s 24-hour long World’s Toughest Mudder.

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