Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) is a nonprofit group of ex Navy Seals, CIA Operatives and Special Ops Forces who rescue child sex slaves all around the world. Since the beginning of 2014 O.U.R. rescued more than 300 victims. Upon being rescued, the children are taken to safe houses for physical and emotional rehabilitation. They are educated, loved and most importantly, safe. Children who have been legitimately kidnapped are reunited with their families.

Logistics and costs for each operation vary depending on the travel, research, sting set-up, or working with governments in different countries. On average O.U.R. spends $20,000 per operation and in one mission we can save 1 to 50 children. WE INTEND TO RESCUE THEM ALL!

CrossFit O.U.R. 

On September 11th, 2015, Operation Underground Railroad opened their first CrossFit gym in Draper, Utah.CrossFit O.U.R. is on a mission to bridge the gap between O.U.R. Rescue and the CrossFit Community as proceeds from the gym go directly to O.U.R.'s rescue missions. The large, climate controlled facility is led by CrossFit power couple, Coaches Drew and Krista Rykert, who bring years of experience to CrossFit O.U.R.

""We have set out to bring the CrossFit community together for a good cause. Operation Underground Railroad is on a path to stop human trafficking,"" said Drew.

O.U.R. Worldwide Throwdown

On October 3, 2015, Operation Underground Railroad held it's second annual O.U.R. Worldwide Throwdown to help raise awareness and money to support O.U.R.'s rescue missions. As usual, the CrossFit community responded with a positive turnout for the event with 26 gyms around the nation participating in the event. Neighborhood CrossFit was the gym with the largest participant turnout for the throwdown and HYLETE was able to capture the event.

Don't forget to get your official O.U.R. tri-blend crew for the O.U.R. Throwdown. 100% of all gross profits of theO.U.R. tri-blend crews will go towards O.U.R. rescue's efforts to end child slavery worldwide. Shop O.U.R. here.

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