Welcome to our new series "Top Picks", where we have HYLETE community members share their favorite products. The first community member is Dr. Nancy Lin, Ph.D. a holistic nutritionist, author, health researcher, wellness coach and international health educator. She is a certified 600 RYT Yoga instructor, an avid runner and athlete, and has completed over 30 distance races, including 25 marathons in California. Below are her HYLETE favorites! 

The Iris Short-Liner

One of my favorite pieces of work out/athletic wear is HYLETE's Iris Short. I love explosive plyometric moves, especially when it comes to squats, burpees, high knees, star jumps and lateral lunges. Moves such as these build power in the major muscle groups of the legs and can really help boost metabolism and maximize shred potential. When I have my Iris Shorts on, I know that I can maximize each move’s range of motion and will not be restricted in any of these dynamic movements. The Iris Short is one of my ultimate all-season gym essentials because the high-quality material stretches comfortably and has a flex-knit waistband that doesn't cut off circulation in my midsection (I like my freedom to breathe) and has a nifty built-in liner that provides maximum coverage...no matter what inverted plyometric exercise I am doing.

The Tempo Capri

For almost every woman out there, and especially the Mamas-which have endured significant body changes, this Tempo Capri (Eclipse Gray) is a must have year-round, not just for when the weather changes. It has a high waist, which is extremely comforting for the self-conscious female, because it is super flattering, made with the best fabric that helps to regulate body temperature and performance. I enjoy feeling like my muscles are hugging my bones, and that my workout gear is snug and holding me all together, even though sometimes my mommy brain can make me feel like I’m losing more than my keys. Speaking of keys, these capris have side pocket panels on each hip, so you won’t have to waste any time looking for your phone, keys, credit cards or other valuables. This is the perfect gift for your bestie, female family member and for YOU. . . because you deserve to look and feel your best!

The Valena Crew

These days, I am more addicted to the visceral feel and softness of my clothes than anything else, and I am in love! The Valena Crew tee is buttery soft and is the perfect breathable workout/ go-around-town to-get-stuff-done tee. I have a longer torso, so conventional t-shirts make me look and feel very boxy and frumpy. The fact that HYLETE’s Valena Crew has a semi-cropped crew tee style, gives me a slimming silhouette look and still offers me freedom to move about during my workouts, is a cause for pure celebration! My daughter is even borrowing this shirt from me, saying it’s the perfect size for her! Thank goodness the Valena Crew comes in two colors!

The Women’s Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe

This is my new favorite obsession! HYLETE's Women’s Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe—what I like to say, “Three shoes in one!” I do a multitude of different types of body movements: weightlifting, cross training, dynamic cardio exercises as well as hiking, and yoga (does frolicking along a beach boardwalk count as well?). I also travel a lot. My little carry-on luggage does not have room for three different shoes to support all my desired workouts—therefore HYLETE gets my vote for the Athletic Inventor of the Year Award! Now, I simply just remove the different Vibram Outsole (specially engineered interchangeable insoles) and pair it with the exercise I am going to do, to optimize my foot, arch, and ankle health. I have had plantar fasciitis symptoms for so long because of my love for long distance running and I also have high arches. Finding a shoe that didn’t encourage pronation, supination, or pain (what I call stagnation) was always challenging for me. Maybe that is why I kept gravitating toward yoga—where you didn’t necessarily need shoes? Bottom line, these shoes are extremely stable for when I lift, extra cushion-y with the extra pad of heel and arch support when I want to entertain the idea of jogging for cardio health and versatile when I want to cross train or just chase around my three kids—because you never know! They are made with a breathable knit upper fabric that allows for my feet to expand during workouts and come in eye catching and gorgeous colors too!