HYLETE co-founder, Matt Paulson, has decided to take his family on an fitness adventure. He and his wife, Ashley, and their 4 children, plan to travel the lower 48 states in an RV, over the next 6-8 months for what they are calling FitFamAdventures. While Ashley, a professional Triathlete, participates in her races across the country, the rest of the family will seek every adventure they can along the way. FitFamAdventures is more than a road trip for the Paulson family. Throughout their journey, they plan to teach their children and showcase to the world the three pillars of a 'FitFam', with the hope to inspire people to live a more 'Fit' life: 

  • Physical Fitness through exercise and healthy eating (nutrition).
  • Mental Fitness through education and constant, never-ending learning.
  • Spiritual Fitness through faith and service to others.

Stay tuned as Matt and his family travel the country. HYLETE will be sharing their stories through the places and people they meet along the way. To keep up with the Paulson’s daily adventures, follow their instagram account @fitfamadventures