We teamed up with Paul Sklar and Lebert Fitness to share the best workout tools for the summer! Here is Paul Sklar's take on what makes Lebert the right choice for his fitness routine. 

How often do you use Lebert's Signature Series HIIT System?

I usually use the HIIT system on weekends when I’m away from the gym or can’t get there. I used it quite a lot during quarantine.

What are the major benefits?

Most cardio is usually accomplished using the lower body. The benefit of the system is the ability to get dynamic cardiovascular and muscular work using the upper body. You don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t want to...and you can use the system stand-alone or you can use it with a partner.

What advice do you have for beginners?

Start slow and work gradually into increasing tension and speed.

What is your favorite exercise using the Lebert EQualizer?

I actually have two favorites. The dip to L sit and the equalizer muscle-up.

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About Lebert Fitness:

"The simple truth is that the world not only needs better and easier access to fitness tools and education and support but the ability to use them in whatever place or manner they feel comfortable.” Marc Lebert - Chief Fitness Officer

It began many years ago when, as a personal trainer, I watched how hard it could be for my clients to start taking care of themselves physically. Everyone’s goals are personal, complicated, and as different as they are. Whatever drives you and what you need will change over time and that’s ok. How you achieve your goals may utilize many techniques, but success will be found by finding a balance of mind, body, and spirit. At Lebert Fitness we strive to provide you the tools, education, and environment to be the best person you can be. Scared of going to a gym and being judged, feelings of guilt…many of my clients ended up sabotaging themselves before they even really started.

Originally, I designed my first product - the EQualizer – simply because there wasn’t a portable pulling exercise I could do with people in their homes. Perhaps without even fully realizing it back then, my real motivation was to make it easier for people to begin and continue exercising. What started with the creation of the Lebert EQualizer and a simple pull-up exercise, has evolved into a worldwide movement of fitness enthusiasts and trainers utilizing our products far beyond our expectations. Since then, we continue to develop new, innovative, and versatile fitness products. We are committed to building a healthy community, supporting each other’s successes through knowledge-sharing and motivation.

Movement is a celebration of health that everyone should fully be able to enjoy to the greatest extent possible. Being mindful of your well-being stresses within your life, and proactively managing them through exercise and other means, will empower you to be your own ‘first line of health care.' Supported by our family of fitness professionals and trainers, you are strong enough to be healthy and happy.

At Lebert Fitness, we make it easier to access high-quality, versatile fitness products, education, and environment to help you in achieving your goals.