By Thomas DeLauer

Feel cool and comfortable this summer with HYLETE flex-woven fabric. HYLETE Community Captain, Thomas DeLauer, introduces the flex-woven collection and its product benefits. Stop letting ill-fitting clothes weigh you down and start performing at your best! Learn more at 

Are you looking for a fresh summer wardrobe? Head over to circuit cross-training shoe and find out why it is a summer must-have.

The following is a transcription of the above video:

Quick drying and built to breathe. Hi, I'm Thomas DeLauer, your Hylete community captain, here to give you a deep dive on flex-woven fabric. This quick drying, woven fabric excels in hot, wet environments, which makes it ideal for mud runs, beach workouts, or your sweatiest training session. Light-weight, flex-woven fabric won't weigh you down. This long lasting material is durable and tough, with just the right amount of stretch. This fabric is the ultimate in breathability, keeping you feeling cool and comfortable throughout your workout. Flex-woven fabric is featured in a Stratix short, as well as the Verge II short and pant. Shop all flex-woven fabric shorts and pants at