We teamed up with Gainful, a sports nutrition subscription, to introduce their approach to personalized protein powder and give the community tips for mixing up the perfect protein shake. Find out what HYLETE community member, Erik Bustillo had to say after trying out Gainful Protein Powder for himself, from the perspective of a Registered Dietitian. 

Gainful Review by Erik Bustillo

Initial impression - Engaging:

The use of a quiz to help specify which protein blend would be best for me to use as a cool introduction to the product and company. The concept of having a dietitian is great as that is the next step in helping determine what one would benefit from as far as specificity for goals and products that will help. Thumbs up to the quiz this is a fun way to get started!

Flavor/Taste- Caffé Mocha and Rich Cocoa:

For my taste test, I mixed the whey protein powder in water as I did not want any other basis to influence the taste. I then mixed the “flavor boost” pack into the water/whey mix. To my delight, the flavor was good! There have been times when I tried a protein powder with water and it was not the most pleasant. The Gainful powder and flavor pack have a subtle taste, not overbearing on the palate and does not taste artificial, nor grainy.

Mixing & nutrient profile:

Mixing - To best mix the protein powder and flavor pack in the blender bottle, I shook the bottle with the contents inside for about 25 seconds and it mixed really well. There were no clumps which is always nice.

Nutrient Profile:

Per scoop, Gainful whey protein blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate provides 22g of protein which is a sufficient amount of protein per scoop. Overall calories are 120 calories and 4g of carbohydrate. Ingredients are also not too many on the list. Overall, the nutrient profile is good!

Final thoughts/Summary:

Gainful whey blend tastes good and is not an overpowering taste. It mixes well, even in water!

Top Tips for Making Your Protein Shake by Gainful Team

Mixing up the perfect protein shake takes a bit of trial and error - we're here to help! Use the tips below to get the best results from your blend!

Using a blender to make your protein shake gets the job done super fast! But it's not always the most convenient for those on the go, which is why we highly recommend using a BlenderBottle with a wire whisk ball – this is key.

Add your choice of liquid into your BlenderBottle first (adding liquid first is important – trust us), then scoop in a serving of your protein powder, add a Gainful Flavor Boost of your choice, and shake your blend vigorously for at least 30 seconds. For best results, use cold dairy or plant-based milk. You can play with the amount of liquid to adjust the flavor intensity and sweetness of your shake to get it just right for you.  If your shake is frothy, feel free to let it sit for a few minutes – just make sure to give it a stir before drinking.

Pro Tip: Add an ice cube to your BlenderBottle to keep your protein shake cool & smooth! Protein shakes aren’t for you? Gainful Protein Powder comes unflavored and is a perfect addition to a morning smoothie, oatmeal, or your favorite baked recipes.

About Gainful

Gainful is a sports nutrition subscription that delivers Personalized Protein Powder straight to you each month. In order to customize your protein blend, Gainful guides you through a quick introductory quiz that asks about your unique physiology, dietary restrictions, fitness habits, and goals. Their science-backed formulas were designed along with a team of sports nutrition experts, translating years of experience working with professional athletes to ensure results for you. So, whether you’re a weightlifter, runner, yogi, swimmer, cyclist, or any other type of athlete—and whatever your dietary preferences may be—you know that the products you are using are designed with your body and performance goals in mind. Each proprietary formula is simple and effective, with ingredients you can pronounce and no fillers, artificial colors, or flavors.

Gainful makes it easy and convenient to stick to your routine—by delivering the correct amount of Personalized Protein to your door each month, with your choice of 6 Flavor Boosts so you can change it up with every shake. As your routine or goals change, you have the ability to easily pause, change frequency, or update your blend based on your goals. And for those looking for some support in building a routine, your subscription includes free 1:1 access to a Gainful Registered Dietitian for nutrition and fitness advice to support you in reaching your health and performance goals.  

For more information about Gainful and to take the quiz for your personalized Gainful Protein Powder, click here.