By Thomas DeLauer

HYLETE Health Advisor Thomas DeLauer focuses on training instead of nutrition in this new video. Our HYLETE nation consists of members of various groups from functional trainers, cross fitters, to bodybuilders. Watch this quick video to see how anyone can alter their training to be at their best and find out why high vs low reps can make a significant difference!


Key Terms: 

Time under tension- focus on how long the muscle is under tension. 

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About the Author

From 280lbs to the Covers of Magazines... All by living a lifestyle that is honest and real. Thomas DeLauer brings the nutrition expertise along with a unique perspective on health and wellness that is everything HYLETE.

The following is a transcription of the above video:

What's going on, Hylete Nation? It's Thomas DeLauer, and today I'm talking about training instead of nutrition for a minute.

All right, in the Hylete Nation, we've got all walks of life. We've got Crossfitters, we've got bodybuilders, we've got functional trainers, we've got adventure racers. At what point do they all converge when it comes down to training? In this video, I want to give you a brief breakdown of something known as time under tension.

I want to encourage you to start looking at your training a little bit different. Rather than looking at how many reps of a given weight you're doing or how many sets you're doing or overall volume of your workout, I want you to focus on how long the muscle is under tension.

For example, if you were doing a workout, and you're doing a given exercise, how long does it take you to complete one rep? Then, how many reps do you need to do to get that muscle under tension for a certain amount of time? If it takes you three seconds to complete a rep, and you need to do 30 seconds of time under tension, well, that's going to be about 10 reps. I want you more so to be focusing on how long the muscle is under load versus how many reps and sets you do.

As always, keep it locked in here with Hylete, and I'll see you in the next Hylete Minute.