By HYLETE Content Team

HYLETE, creators of innovative premium performance apparel, footwear, and gear, is proud to announce the Icon 6-In-1 Backpack as the ultimate travel bag. Six distinct conversions allow any traveler to pack everything needed in one carry-on friendly backpack.

Originally created as the perfect to and from the gym bag, the versatile Icon 6-In-1 Backpack has become the HYLETE community’s travel bag of choice. Available in two sizes, this backpack is engineered to provide a functional option for users to store their essentials. Each size is strategically designed for those who need a travel bag they can rely on, built with sturdy construction and multiple pockets for easy organization. The larger Icon 6-In-1 60L is equipped for longer trips, while the Icon 6-In-1 40L offers travelers a compact solution for a quick weekend getaway.

HYLETE Backpacks introduce a level of versatility and ingenuity that eliminates the need for travelers to haul multiple bags while vacationing or commuting to work.

“Our backpacks have a major impact on the way you fly. The Icon 6-In-1 bags convert to give you the ability to separate your carry-on luggage. You’ll board the plane with one carry-on friendly bag. When you’re ready to settle in, the larger portion of the bag will hold all of your clothes and toiletries, and fits perfectly in the overhead compartment,” said HYLETE VP of Product, Pete Dirksing, “The best part, you can detach the removable daypack completely from the main compartment and slide it underneath the seat in front of you, so you have easy access to your laptop and other in-flight essentials throughout your entire flight.”

Traditionally, backpacks are used as a supplementary storage option to standard luggage. However, with an increase in luggage restrictions, airline passengers are embracing the minimalist approach, and backpacking is gaining popularity not only for the avid backpacker, but also for the professional who is looking for a work bag that goes beyond a briefcase. With almost 6,000 units sold to date, the ability to convert the Icon 6-in-1 backpack into a backpack, extended backpack, small duffle, large duffle, removable daypack, or messenger bag, is giving members of the HYLETE community more options for their performance gear.

Those interested in HYLETE Backpacks and Bags, can explore available options at the link below.


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