By HYLETE Content Team

To honor National Day of the Deployed, we're highlighting our Military Morale Program and sharing a story directly from our community. We started this program as a way to further the connection with our 20,000 HYLETE Service League members, and in recognition of the sacrifices and bravery of deployed service members.

In hopes of boosting morale by sending a little piece of home, we're outfitting troops, companies, squadrons, and platoons in HYLETE apparel during their deployment. With the holiday season right around the corner, we're increasing the number of HYLETE care packages sent, beginning now through the end of the year.

We continue to be inspired by the motivational stories we receive with every Military Morale Program request. We love hearing about service members supporting one another and how much of an impact fitness has on their daily routine. From touching stories by families who are thinking of their deployed loved ones, to personal letters written by service members who are missing home, stories like Margaret Buenemann’s bring strength to our Military Morale Program and inspire the entire HYLETE community. Learn why fitness is important to Margaret as a soldier and as an RN/LPN, and how her HYLETE gear has made an impact.

Margaret’s Story:

“I am 1 of 4 Army Officers that is deployed in Kuwait. We're RN's taking care of Soldiers and DoD civilians here at US Military Hospital-Kuwait. HYLETE shorts are what a few of us wear to provide both style and necessary coverage for the training, runs, and workouts in preparation for the 10-miler.

On behalf of the Officers and NCOIC of the ICU/ICW, I would like to thank HYLETE for providing us with a care package. HYLETE’s athletic wear is both functional and fashionable, and provides coverage for the running events that Camp Arifjan in Kuwait provides for its over 11,000 troops. In addition to twice yearly Army Physical Fitness Testing, the Officers and NCOIC of the ICU/ICW regularly run in the 5k's, 10k's and Army 10-Miler events that are held year-round. During the 9-month deployment period that we are here for, we will have run in at least 12-15 running events and half a dozen swimming events. The runs help keep us nurses motivated throughout the months away from home, our regular civilian jobs, and family. Fitness is important in our role as a Soldier and as an RN/LPN. We need to be able to maintain our basic Soldiering skills in addition to keeping up with the lifting, turning, positioning and caring for our most vulnerable patients: Soldiers. Being in the military has changed the way we look at ourselves and how others see us. When we put on our uniform, we know that we are representing our country and caring for the very best: our Soldiers. As nurses, and as Officers and NCOIC, we preserve the fighting strength of our Soldiers.”

Military Morale Program Application

Would you like HYLETE to send your unit a care package? Do you know a deployed service member who would love to receive HYLETE gear? We welcome all requests, and invite you to submit your application for consideration.