When he isn’t coaching O.U.R. Rescue Jump Team members for upcoming missions at the newly opened CrossFit O.U.R., Coach Drew Rykert is competing in CrossFit competitions such as The Wodapalooza in Miami. Coach Rykert took the icon expandable backpack with him to Miami and had plenty to say about his experience with the backpack.

what is it?

The icon expandable backpack is the bag for all of your Functional Fitness needs. I recently traveled to Miami for The Wodapalooza and this is the only bag I took. I knew I would be coming back with more than I took so I would need extra space for the way back. The expandable storage did just that. I was able to bring back a pair of shoes, shorts, and a shirt, all in the bottom expansion. The best part, it fit on the airplane fully expanded so I didn't have to check a bag. 

what do I think?

It was The Wodapalooza, but is was more like the Waterpalooza. The weekend’s competition was full of the rain, heat and humidity of Miami. The icon expandable backpack was very convenient  while dealing with the elements. My wet clothes and knee sleeves were kept separate from my other dry items in the expandable wet/dry storage compartment. When the temperature rose, I was able to store cold and liquid items in the side-pocket cooler. While in Miami, we walked everywhere. I kept everything on me for the trip because I didn’t want to leave it in the hotel. Even though the bag was heavy, the sternum straps were very supportive and I had no issues with my shoulders from carrying the bag around.

why do you need it?

This bag is worth the price, you are essentially getting two bags in one. HYLETE is on point with this product and I feel like a boss anytime I walk into a gym sporting the icon expandable backpack. People are always commenting on the bag and are jealous that I know exactly where everything is when I go to get something.