Every week HYLETE shines the spotlight on a member of our certified trainer, gym owner, or service league programs. We do this to show our appreciation for leaders in the HYLETE nation and the functional fitness community.

Submit 2 Fitness CrossFit: Javier Ferrer

Why you opened your gym: ""I remember sitting in meetings, at several gyms I worked at, listening to mangers and/or owners teaching more about sales tactics than going over stuff that will benefit clients/members. Yes, I understood that sales are important. However, I remember recommending a potential client get clearance from her cardiologist first before committing to PT. Before getting clearance a fitness director told me, 'Sell her the PT package anyway!'. I had two choices: one, keep working for this company and compromise my integrity or, two, go off on my own and fly under my own flag. I chose to go on my own!

I opened our own gym because I love to see people transform their lives through fitness; not just physically, but mentally as well! I opened our gym because there's countless people getting the short end of the stick when it comes to getting proper training, service and guidance.

Your favorite piece of equiptment: ""The Kettlebell. It's a tool that can be used for power, strength, endurance, hand/eye coordination, low impacted, flexibility and mobility. It literally could replace a pieces of gym equipment.

Advice for other gym owners: ""If you own or plan on owning your gym, make that you stay true to your members/clients, staff and/or Coaches. Make their Goals part of your own personal Goals because without them you have nothing!""

Favorite HYLETE gear: ""All of the T-Shirts.""