The icon quad-blend contains four materials: bamboo rayon, rayon, cotton, and spandex. Rayon is a manufactured fiber that comes from the wood pulp of trees. After an intricate process, cellulose is extracted and spun into yarn. The cellulose comes from bamboo to make bamboo rayon. Cotton is a comfortable, breathable, non-itchy fabric favored for its casual, fashionable look. On the other side of the fabric spectrum is spandex, a stretchy yet form-fitting fabric often found in compression apparel. The continuously changing quad-blend formula has been updated since its inception more than two years ago.

“Our product team spent well over a year developing and testing HYLETE’s propriety quad-blend fabric,” says Pete Dirksing, VP of Product at HYLETE. “The first generation quad-blend fabric was released in Spring of 2015, however, we have continued to make small iterations to the fabric and improved both the hand and durability in 2017.”

For trainers, coaches-any businessperson-the HYLETE Icon II quad-blend Polo is a functional collared shirt that can handle sweat and movement while looking strictly professional. The Icon II quad-blend Button Henley is also perfect for work or play without any outlandish logos or catchphrases. The V-Neck and Crew short sleeve shirts can be worn under a blazer or to a 24-hour endurance event, and everywhere in between. Wear any quad-blend shirt for lightweight comfort during weightlifting workouts, running/cycling workouts, CrossFit WODs, obstacle course races, essentially any fitness event. The quad-blend is performance gear that you can actually work out in without tearing it. It’s not just for show.

“We noticed that many of the fabrics used within the athletic apparel space were using fabrics that excelled in either a lifestyle environment or athletic environment, but not both,” says Pete Dirksing, VP of Product at HYLETE. “The quad-blend fabric was created as the flagship fabric within our performance lifestyle category. The goal was to develop a fabric that had excellent stretch/recovery, durability and breathability to ensure it performed well in the gym but it also had to have a great hand and drape well across the body so you’d look good out on the town.”

The quad-blend is available in five different colors for men. Add the quad-blend to your wardrobe to ensure you’re looking stylish from the gym to your restaurant date. 

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