Obstacle course racer (OCR) and Track and Field athlete, Reagan Baars, recently trained in the women's stratus collection as she prepared for an upcoming OCR event, Mud Hero, in Alberta, Canada. See what she had to say.

Anticipation—with the looming Canada Post strike my HYLETE parcel was taking longer than expected—but finally the day (and parcel notice) arrived!! I literally grabbed that parcel notice, clutching it like I had the winning lottery ticket, and rushed to my local Canada Post detachment, probably breaking a few speed limit restrictions along the way.  Amid the ocean of boring brown packages, a beautiful branded black bag stands out like a beacon among the rest. I race home anxious to tear open the bag to reveal my much-awaited treasures inside! 

I received the insignia racer tank in mint/eclispe gray, the vision tri-blend tank in vintage violet/light mint, the altium II 3” short in black/mint, and the invex II crop also in black/mint.  Both tops were interchangeable with the shorts and crop pants, giving you more selection of apparel choices. The first thing I want to mention is HYLETE’s “attention to detail”, which will be noted at least a couple more times during this blog.

The insignia racer tank was my favorite piece of the four items, but I did love all four pieces, don’t get me wrong.  This tank is formfitting in all the right places.  The tapered cut accentuates, and draws attention to your curves and lower body.  The thin racer back straps highlight athletic shoulders and arms, while the silky material conforms nicely to the contours of your body.  It stretches well during exercise, not pulling or tugging, but then fully rebounds to its original shape.  I found the sweat-wicking properties of this tank very helpful during workouts.  The web-site photo of this tank doesn’t do it justice; the striated pattern of the fabric beautifully matches the color contrast bands on the altium II shorts and the invex II crop.  This tank is resilient, and it will leave you looking as great post-workout as pre-workout, well your gear anyway!

The altium II shorts and the invex II crop pants both demonstrate the excellent construction of the HYLETE products.  The material is lightweight, but still maintains ample thickness, so there is no fear of overexposure during lunges or bending.  Both products give you the breathability even during summer workouts, while allowing maximum stretch.  All seams are constructed with a flatlock stitch which doesn’t require extra material on the inside of the garment, so seams lay flat against your body and don’t create any unsightly bulges in areas we don’t want them!  Even the mid-seam lays flat for ultimate comfort. The stitching also adds beautifully to the design.  The use of black thread in conjunction with the stitch on the contrast portion of the short/crop compliments and creates a striking effect—again “attention to detail”!!  The waist bands are constructed of a continuous piece of elastic which won’t twist or fold like some waistbands do.  The elastic also has a sweat absorbing finish on the inside that effectively wicks the sweat away from your midriff area! The leg stitching on the altium II short stays tight on your thigh, but not too tight to create an indentation.  The contrast panel on the shorts matches the striated color of the tank and beautifully accentuates your curves.  

Crop pants generally aren’t my first choice when working out because they can be hot and restrictive, but I found the invex II crop quite comfortable.  They went on effortlessly and easily pulled over my ankles, one of my greatest pet peeves!  Another aspect I loved, you can pull on the invex II crop pant and you don’t have to adjust the contrast portion!  It just magically goes in the correct position, no twisting or adjusting material so you look balanced. The contrast placement is IMPECCABLE!!  It perfectly contours all the best attributes of a woman’s figure!

Last, but definitely not least, was the vision tri-blend tank.  It is constructed of wonderfully soft material.  Its wider straps give you more coverage when needed. The vintage inspired blend of colors in the violet, pop when paired with the mint colored insignia.  Also, not visible on the web-site photo are the “inspirational captions” on the HYLETE insignia. It’s an excellent choice when you want a more relaxed casual look for your workout.  This tank still boasts the tapered side seams and I absolutely loved wearing it paddle boarding.

I highly recommend HYLETE products not only for their superb fit and exceptional comfort, but also for the quality of their material and their outstanding construction.  This gear WILL LAST!  And again…. ATTENTION TO DETAIL!!!