Veterans return from combat every year suffering from different issues, one of which includes, PTSD. For many, physical challenges provide an outlet of therapy that is non-traditional from treatments they may receive through the VA. HYLETE recently had an opportunity to sit down with one non-profit organization to help these veterans find out what inspires them to help our nation's heroes. 

BRAVO Co, a 501c non-profit, is an acronym that stands for Bringing Resources and Activities to Veterans Operation. BRAVO Co. was founded by veteran, Mitch Garcia and provides fellow veterans with assistance for registration fees and/or travel expenses to many popular Obstacle Course Races (OCR) throughout the United States. 

“Our mission is to provide resources to both active duty and veterans who are seeking different types of recreational outlets,” said Media and Sponsorship Director William Dengler.” The non-profit organization utilizes 100% of its funding to provide awareness and education to the public regarding the many issues impacting our veterans today, especially PTSD and suicide. More importantly, our funding is used to send soldiers to events, funding their registration costs and covering food and housing.”

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BRAVO Co’s Pro Ambassador Team include Spartan Race World Champion, Robert Killian, and American Ninja Warrior competitor, Rose Wetzel. “I joined BRAVO Co. to support my brothers and sisters in arms after first hand seeing what PTSD can do to someone,” said Robert Killian. “Our battalion recently suffered a loss due to PTSD. As American soldiers, we put our lives on the line for freedom, but that same dedication isn't always shown once we return from combat. Organizations such as BRAVO Co are bridging the gap and helping to support our veterans. I support them to help raise awareness and hopefully have a positive influence through friendship and overcoming obstacles, on and off the course.”

Pro Team member Rose Wentzel added, “I’m passionate about creating awareness and support for people who suffer from mental illnesses, and I love how BRAVO Co. helps vets, encouraging them to exercise and join the fantastic Spartan community.”

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