Kirsten Beverley-Waters, HYLETE's 2015 Fit Pro of the Year, is the owner of THRYVE. THRYVE is a fitness, yoga and wellness studio helping people find their ""why"" statement so that they can stop just living, and start THRYVING. ""We wanted to fully represent the community we have been working with and make each athlete feel like they are a part of something that is bigger than themselves,"" said Kirsten. Find out who and what inspires Kirsten to strengthen her community through fitness.

inspired by | Kirsten Beverley

What inspires me? This is a broad and complex question. There are many influences in my life that have inspired me as a person, athlete and coach. The very essence of what makes us unique and driven beings inspires me to challenge my school of thought and be uniquely me. In being uniquely me, I stand firm in my faith, stand up for those who cannot help themselves and reach out to as many people as I can to promote a better tomorrow. While this sounds idealistic and poetic its roots are in my truth-- I was made to serve. 

There is a truth that exists within fitness that many have ignored-- we impact real lives. Manipulating macro-nutrients, molding the body through movement, drilling sets, and reducing progress down to equations, numbers and formulas is not my style. While I respect those who choose these methods and use them as a foundation and navigational tool, I believe in helping athletes to THRYVE. My experience with cancer has shown me that numbers, facts and science cannot always predict an outcome; the human spirit, passion, and faith can go a long way. 

When we break down the ""why"" of our athletes and tap into the layers that make them complex people and competitors, we find new tools to measure success. These tools include personal development, mindfulness, athletic progression and nutritional adaptation. In these elements we can truly THRYVE. But what does thriving have to do with what inspires me?

Yoga instructor, Chelsey Korus once said in a practice the we can literally breathe life or death with the spoken word. My hope is that as a coach I can breathe life into the life of every person I have the blessing of coaching or meeting. To THRYVE is the mantra in which I develop athletic and nutritional programming, life coaching and motivational speaking. It is the means by which I can not only be inspired daily by the human spirit, but how I can continue to serve each person I coach. The community that I serve is my inspiration. They are what drive me to be better, learn more and THRYVE. My only hope is that I can leave a small impression on their lives that allows them to do the same.

As I look at individuals within the sphere of fitness who have impacted my life and inspired me, I have to mention two individuals; Melinda Caldwell Metten and Tracy Rhinehart. Each so unapologetically authentic to their purpose in fitness that the communities they serve cannot help but live happier, healthier lives. 

We want to know what inspires you, HYLETEnation. Tell us your story.

inspired by  |  Melinda Caldwell Metten

Melinda (Mel) Metten, is a CrossFit Affiliate Owner, Firefighter/Medic in Bangor Maine and TSgt. in the Air National Guard. Badass comes to mind whenever I think of her. She works, trains, competes and still finds time to spend with her loving and also super badass husband, Karl.

What inspires her to be such an incredible leader in her community? ""Simply put, it is the fear of mediocrity that fuels my daily drive. My job and the people I work with depend on my mental and physical quickness. I firmly believe that there is always something new to learn, and that a person can always improve upon a task they have already 'mastered'."" Mel has learned to adapt quickly and get ""comfortable with being uncomfortable"" which allows her to perform whenever she is needed. These very principles allow her to take on any obstacle that may arise and inspire others to do the same. 

Mel wouldn't say this about herself because she is too humble, but she possesses an innate gift to connect with people on such a personal level that they cannot help but leave her gym feeling stronger in themselves for knowing her. She says that teaching others what they are capable of drives her to be better than she was the day before. What I find truly inspiring is the energy she brings to every task she is given. You cannot meet Mel without her having a smile on her face and an encouraging word to make you feel welcome. There is so much more that could be said about this woman and what an inspiration she is to all, but maybe you should experience for yourself if you are ever in Bangor, Maine. 

inspired by  |  Tracy Rhinehart

Then there is Tracy Rhinehart. Yoga teacher, mother and community leader. Tracy uses her yoga practice to tackle daily problems and struggles within her community. As one of the chairman of the Elevate Akron, a free yoga event that has drawn more than 1000 yogis each time, Tracy is committed to reaching out to her community and leaving it better and brighter than she found it. I love that she can make you laugh and confront your struggles all in the same yoga class. Tracy has inspired me to be fluid in my own personal journey and helped me to see that there is a higher purpose in this world we live in.

Tracy teaches to help each student find themselves. ""I help each student find his or her authenticity, compassion and mindfully help them work through being kind to him/herself physically and mentally. It is so rewarding to see the relationships they develop with their body and mind."" 

Her ability to connect with each student is why she was selected as the yoga teacher for Elevate. Speaking in front of thousands of yogis, Tracy took each person on a personal journey that was uniquely theirs. That is a gift.  

It goes back to Chelsey's quote, ""We can breathe life or death with the spoken word."" What Mel and Tracy have shown me daily, is that when we take ownership of what drives us and lead with our hearts, we can inspire a world with a stronger hope for tomorrow.

We want to know what inspires you, HYLETEnation. Tell us your story.

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