Girl Meets Strong is on a mission to redefine stereotypes surrounding women and fitness. Founded in 2014 by Kayvan Mott, Girl Meets Strong’s online platform features photographs, stories and videos inspiring girls and women to be strong. “ We believe the way to cultivate a culture of strength is to tell the stories of girls and women across all sports in a beautiful and captivating way,” said Kayvan.

Read more about what inspired Girl Meets Strong's founder, Kayvan Mott to create his platform for women. Also, we want to hear what inspires you and what your goals are. Tell us your story.

What inspired you to start Girl Meets Strong

Simply put, girls who do CrossFit and functional fitness are what inspired me to start Girl Meets Strong. A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to my first CrossFit class, and that was the first time I was ever exposed to girls from different fitness backgrounds who were lifting, pushing and pulling with a sense of confidence I had never seen anywhere else. Very soon after, I started a photo blog of girls doing functional fitness because I was in awe of the impact these girls had on me. That small blog started to gain thousands upon thousand of followers over the span of months...and that was really the seed of what Girl Meets Strong is today.

How has Girl Meets Strong been received in the functional fitness community?

So amazingly. Girls and women get such a rush of appreciation and joy when they are featured on our website or Instagram. Below are some real quotes from our GMS fans within the functional fitness community:
""You have started an empowering and very inspiring movement with and FOR women. There is NOTHING women appreciate more than being recognized, being admired and celebrated as STRONG.""
-Dianalee M.

What is your favorite experience through Girl Meets Strong?

My favorite experience so far with Girl Meets Strong has been a 9 month creative process that culminated in this 4:15 video that has been shared by more than 240 people with over 63,000 views on Facebook. The reason is because this message and content touches such a deep chord of emotions with so many girls & women who see it. I still get goosebumps every time I watch it, and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to inspire so many people from all walks of life and fitness backgrounds. 

What can we expect in the future from Girl Meets Strong? 

Girl Meets Strong is focused on creating the best articles and videos that inspire our community to be more of themselves. You can expect to see a lot more stories highlighting girls and women in the functional fitness community, including CrossFit. Lots of girls have asked us about being a Brand Ambassador for Girl Meets Strong. Although we don't yet have a Brand Ambassador program, you can definitely expect us to create one in 2016 that serves our community and brand partners.