Frederica Ginsburg is the founder of Scratch My Belly, an all breed animal rescue based in San Diego. Scratch My Belly saves animals from high kill shelters in Southern California.

In 2015, Scratch My Belly saved over 50 lives, by taking in owner surrenders, hoarding cases, and the animals from other shelters. “Our process is an urgency process,” said Frederica. “If an animal is going to be put down we just go ahead and assess the situation to see what we can do.” After Scratch My Belly lines up a foster, they begin to raise the finances needed to treat the animals medical expenses, behavioral training, and any other needs the animal may have.

“Honestly, I was clueless about the problem with animals in the shelters,” said Frederica. “I never realized that so many animals were being put to sleep every year. People should realize that animals are not disposable items. They are part of the family. When you move, when you have a kid, when you get a different job, you should always accommodate and plan to have them in your family.”

inspired by

""I started Scratch My Belly because I saw it as an opportunity to save dogs. My heart felt compelled. There are a lot of breed specific rescues or rescues that will only take dogs that are younger. My point of view is that they all deserve a second chance, no matter what breed they are or how old they are.

I see a lot of sad things every day and what keeps me going are the results of what we are trying to accomplish. It’s the end. It’s the forever home. People send me messages about how much they love their animals and how thankful they are that we were able to bring them into their lives.""

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#HYLETEnation, Scratch My Belly needs our help! It costs roughly $250 to save one rescue dog. HYLETE's goal is to contribute to saving 100 rescue dogs in 2016. 50% of all revenue of the limited edition HYLETE Scratch My Belly tri-blend crew tees will be donated to Scratch My Belly. Get your Scratch My Belly tee here.

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