Girl Meets Strong's #strongbassador, Kara Ilicic, is a yogini and nutritionist who strikes beautiful poses in breathtaking locales captured all over the world to connect with her growing community and inspire them to become better versions of themselves in every way, “Being strong comes both from the mental & physical standpoint so for me, being strong first means you need to start changing your life. And then, being strong is going through with it.“

Kara recently had an opportunity to test and review several HYLETE products. Read what she had to say as she compares HYLETE’s description with her own experience.


invex II crop

Made for a female hybrid athlete.


It can be worn during any workout.


Flattering Fit: A flattering fit designed to complement a wide range of body types.


Definitely true, fits perfectly.


Superior Comfort: A comfortable elastic waistband stretches up to 4"" inches in circumference to provide superior comfort and a perfectly smooth fit around your hips -


Best part of the legging. Amazingly comfortable and smooth.


Adjustable Rise-waistband: Wear as-is for a medium rise, or rolled down if you prefer a lower rise. 


A great feature because some women prefer to roll it down and it usually goes back up during workout, this one doesn’t!


Flat-lock Stitching: Contrast Flat-lock stitching creates a flattering, athletic silhouette while providing extra durability.


Reminds me of retro style leggings, love the silhouette on the side because it flatters the leg shape.


Conclusion: Honestly, no flaws on this one. I would definitely recommend it to my students and my clients because it's as perfect for yoga as it is for gym sessions. The fabric is super smooth and the leggings are super comfortable so you don't even feel them on you during workout. Great for every woman. As far as prices go -  I think it meets the quality. I have seen and tried a lot of leggings which are more expensive and the quality isn't even close to these ones. 


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