HYLETE Health Advisor Thomas DeLauer is here for your success, watch this video to learn a new delicious recipe. This quick 15 min recipe is easy and will ensure you a prosperous path towards ketosis. With only 5 ingredients, each keto fat bomb will consist of about 120-140 calories depending on the size of each scoop. 

Key Terms:

Ketosis- when your body doesn’t have carb/glucose sources for energy, so it has to utilize fats.

Triiodothyronine- a thyroid hormone similar to thyroxine but having greater potency.

Ketosis has specific restrictions but by no means excludes vegans, check out How Vegans Can Achieve a Ketogenic Diet to learn more. 

About the Author

From 280lbs to the Covers of Magazines... All by living a lifestyle that is honest and real. Thomas DeLauer brings the nutrition expertise along with a unique perspective on health and wellness that is everything HYLETE.