By John Parker, Certified Trainer

Full Body Kettlebell Workout

Perform 5 sets of this Kettlebell Complex. Rest for 2:00 min between sets.

Double Kettlebell Clean + Squat x 5, Seesaw Press x 5/s, Gorilla Pendlay Row x 10

Shoulder Mobility Warmup

PVC Routine ‚Äì 10 repetitions each, 30-45” hold on the static stretches

In 10 years of training, I've realized that living pain-free is dependent on the health of our joints. We must consider how our muscles interact with our tendons and ligaments when preparing and ending a training session. I want to share with you what I do to prepare my shoulder girdle for sustainable, long-term gains. If done properly, you will notice more space in your shoulders. This will allow better pressing and pulling movements with less time for recovery.

1. Pec Mobilization - Using a dowel rod, assume a split stance, maintain straight arms, swing the dowel rod as if paddle boarding. 15 reps/side.

2. Shoulder Dislocates - Using a dowel rod, stand upright and allow the shoulder blades to initiate and finish the movement. Maintain a hollow position and work toward bringing the hands toward the shoulder width. If pain is felt, assume a wider grip. 15 controlled reps.

3. Around the Worlds - Using a dowel rod, bring one shoulder across the body and around the head. The other arm will follow the first. Make these smooth. 15 reps/side.

4. External Rotator Stretch - Using a dowel rod, hook your fingers on the inside of the rod. Use the opposite hand to create leverage with the elbow at the ribs, and again with the elbow abducted from the ribs. Hold for 15-30 sec/side in each position.

5. Internal/External Rotator Stretch - Using a dowel rod, bring both arms behind the body - one above the shoulder blades, one at mid back. Pull with both the top and bottom hands to create an isometric stretch that hits both the internal and external rotators. 30 secs/side.

If done properly, this sequence will relieve pain from elbow tendonitis and pressing/pulling related movements. This sequence takes less than 5 minutes to complete and gives you a new lease on your upper body's ability to function in space.

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John has over 10 years of experience as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. ""As a generalist, I focus on a skill set in many avenues of physical activity to lead my clients through functional training and sustainable results."" Learn more about John at

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