If you are new to kettlebell workouts, you are probably wondering which weight is best for you. We get asked this question a lot, and it's one of the main things that prevents people from getting started with this awesome workout method. There are a lot of choices, but we can give you some guidance to get you started.

If you are just getting back into working out or are completely new to kettlebells, default to a lower weight to start. You will get the most benefit from kettlebell workouts when you use the correct form. Depending on your goal, you will want different weights for different workouts. Be prepared and get at least two (with Kettlebell Kings you can save more when you purchase multiple). This way, you have a lighter bell you can perfect form with, as well as, move for higher reps in fat-burning workouts. The heavier kettlebell will be used to build strength in lower rep workouts.

Using a lighter kettlebell will help you perfect your form first. If you don't currently know any kettlebell movements, we recommend working with an experienced trainer or taking a look at our Kettlebell Fundamentals course here or our Kettlebell Fundamentals course with a professional form check here. You don't want to discourage yourself by starting out too heavy. (In the form check, one of our professional trainers will review your movements with you).

What Size Kettlebell?

For traditional heavy lift workouts, choose the weight you can strict press 8-10 times. The starting weight you choose can vary based on your kettlebell experience, as well as, fitness and strength level. While it is hard to make specific recommendations without knowing you personally, there are some guidelines that have come to be over the years that we believe are helpful.

Men - Men who are new to kettlebell training and lifting, in general, should start with a 35 pound or 16-kilogram kettlebell. This is a great starting weight even for a strong man as he learns proper form. A man with good gym strength can continue to get great workouts with this weight because of the unlimited possibilities of kettlebell training.

Women - Women who are new to kettlebell training and lifting, in general, should start with an 18 pound or 8-kilogram kettlebell. This weight is ideal for a woman who is just beginning weight training whether it be in the gym or at home.

If you have access to other weights like dumbbells or plates, you could consider trying to press and move those weights to assess your rep range, but consider that moving that same weight in a kettlebell will be more challenging because of the shape of the kettlebell so you might want to get slightly lower weight when you purchase a kettlebell. The good news is we have free returns in the first 10 days of receiving your kettlebell as long as the kettlebell remains in pristine condition. This will help you test the weight you need.

If your goal is to lose weight, you will want a lighter kettlebell you can move in high repetitions in the 20 plus rep range. If your goal is to build strength, you will want to choose a weight that you can move in the 8-10 rep range before needing to rest.

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