We are proud to have over 35,000 certified trainers in the HYLETE community, who are passionate about training, motivating, and inspiring the health and fitness of others. We asked certified master trainer, Sade Jones, to share her expert voice with the HYLETE community. Read about how she keeps her clients motivated through virtual training class, and how she encourages positive body image and mental health.

How long have you been a certified trainer?

I have been a CPT for over 6 years.

What made you want to pursue a career as a trainer?

Working out has vastly improved my mental health. Once I made the mind-body connect and realized the impact it was having on me, I wanted to share my passion with others.

What style of training do you do?

I teach Pilates, HIIT, Cardio Boxing, and Spin.

What is your number one health or fitness goal of 2021?

To love myself unconditionally, especially on a day when I'm not feeling “fit.”

Has your training methodology changed this year? If so, how?

Absolutely! I'm an in-studio and in-home trainer, I've moved most of my clients to virtual clients and I teach online classes as well.

Where do you see your career as a trainer going in 2021?

I am embracing more people through online fitness. I am also developing my own workout method. I want to combine HIIT Pilates and shadow boxing.

What does mental health mean to you?

Mental health means being able to be silent and listen to yourself, to be gentle with yourself, and give yourself permission to feel whatever needs to be felt.

How do you encourage positive mental health for yourself and your clients?

Affirmations are a big part of my classes. I encourage my students to remind themselves of how amazingly capable and worthy they are.

What does body positivity mean to you?

Body positivity means being able to appreciate and love the body and skin you're in right now, exactly where it is in this moment. We are all so beautiful and abundant. That’s the first thing anyone should understand before incorporating a fitness routine.

How do you encourage body positivity for yourself and your clients?

I wake up every morning look in the mirror and tell myself I’m gorgeous, even when I don't feel that way. For my clients in between sets or moves, I encourage them to dance and shout their favorite things about themselves.

What has been a challenge you've had to face? How did fitness help you overcome that challenge?

I have anxiety and I am currently working through some very deep trauma with my therapist. Fitness helps me express myself and release any anger I may be feeling while I'm going through my healing process.

How do you hope to inspire your clients and followers in 2021?

I hope to inspire people by being my authentic self and encouraging others to do the same.

As a trainer, what advice do you have for the HYLETE community?

Hydrate, and look in the mirror and say “I love you” every day.

What do you train for?

My peace of mind.

Keep up with Sade at www.sadejonesfit.com and follow her @_sadejones

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