Every week HYLETE shines the spotlight on a member of our certified trainer, gym owner, and service league programs. We do this to show our appreciation for leaders in the HYLETE nation and the functional fitness community.

trainer spotlight: Peter Minde

Advice for other trainers: ""Be positive. Be a knowledge sponge. When a client or potential client approaches you saying, I have X condition, if you don't know what it is, research it.""

Training certifications: Certified Functional Strength Coach, NASM CPT, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Senior Fitness Specialist

Favorite stretch: ""piriformis stretch""

Favorite piece of HYLETE apparel: ""helix II short""

gym spotlight: James Weiss

Gym: CrossFit Burlingame

Your favorite piece of equiptment: ""Assault bikes because they are versatile and add another dimension to our programing. They can be used with any age, level and can kick anyones ass.""

Advice for other gym owners: ""Create a team of passionate coaches, find out their strengths, and give them areas to manage that they shine in. Build systems and roles before you open your doors. Hire a consultant to create these for you to automate as much as your business as possible so you can spend your time on what you are good at... coaching.""

service league spotlight: Kole Oliveira

Department: Stanislaus Consolidated Fire

What you are most proud of on the job: ""Creating a strength and conditioning program for our fire department. Heart disease is the leading cause of line of duty deaths in the fire department, and we are trying our best to change that statistic.""

How you stay fit in a physically demanding career? ""Make it a priority in your day to day lifestyle if it means waking up early working through lunch or staying up late.""


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