By Amber DeLauer

Do you have a list of demands when searching for the right athletic tight? HYLETE Health Advisor, Amber DeLauer, shares product details and personal favorites on the nimbus caprite. Find out why this tight will meet your expectations.

Now that you have the proper attire, perfect your fitness techniques. Thomas DeLauer explains how to properly box jump in this video.

The following is a transcription of the above video:

It seems like every female athlete I know has a list of demands when it comes to finding the perfect workout pant. Style, comfort, functionality, and squat ability, just to name a few.

Hi, I'm Amber DeLauer your HYLETE Health Advisor, and I'm here to tell you fellow workout pant snobs out there about my favorite cross-over legging the HYLETE caprite.

What is a caprite? Well, it's a capri and a tight. How do you ask? The mesh cuff on the caprite can easily be tucked in for a capri length or deployed for a longer tight. And the zippers allow for any sized calf to fit comfortably. And speaking of any size, the breathable four-way stretch fabric fits a wide variety of body types and sizes without losing that squat ability factor. Because HYLETE believes that no girl should be cursed with see-through leggings.

With the caprite, I have not one but two full-sized zipper pockets. So if I have to pick up a barbell or my son, I have a place to put my phone, keys, and even my wallet.

So there you have it. That's my personal take on the HYLETE caprite.