By Amber DeLauer

Finding the perfect workout tight can be challenging, but here at HYLETE, we aim to provide you with nothing but quality performance apparel. Don't waste another second searching for your next tight. Watch as HYLETE Health Expert, Amber, DeLauer, explains why the nimbus caprite is a must-have item.

Now that you have the proper attire, perfect your fitness techniques. Thomas DeLauer explains how to properly box jump in this video.

The following is a transcription of the above video:

Wear it as a capri or a full-length tight. Hi, I'm Amber DeLauer here to give you a product deep dive on the Nimbus Caprite. Built for warm or cool weather, the Nimbus Caprite converts to keep you comfortable in spring, summer, or fall. The mesh cuff can be easily tucked away for a capri length, or adjusted to provide full-length coverage as a tight. The bottom zipper allows for any size calf to fit comfortably. The four-way stretch fabric provides superior mobility and a flattering fit that complements a wide range of body types. Integrated zipper and side pockets store cell phones, credit cards and keys securely, and lay flat against the hip when not in use, for a sleek look. To learn more about the versatile and ultra-flattering Nimbus Caprite, visit