Partner Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

By Al Kavadlo

Having a training partner is not only great for motivation, it also opens up new possibilities for your workouts, including exercises you can’t do when training solo. Partner workouts build strength as well as camaraderie – plus they are a lot of fun!

Here are two moves you can try if you’ve got a buddy who’s game:

Foot Flag

Begin by having the person who will be the “flagpole” stand with their feet together and knees partially bent. The “flag” will then proceed to hold their partner’s hand(s) for stability as they step one foot up on top of their partner’s thighs. (Try to keep your feet close to your partner’s knees for a more solid foundation.) From there, the flagger will carefully slide their opposite foot behind their partner’s head. The partner can use his or her hand to help.

Now begin extending the body outward, while actively flexing your foot toward the neck of your partner for stability. When both people are ready, you may slowly begin to release your hands.

The person acting as the flagpole must lean in the opposite direction of the flag in order to provide a counterbalance. It is important to extend from the hips, rather than relying too heavily on the knees, in order to provide the proper leverage needed to balance.

Partner Pistol Squat

In this modification of the one-legged pistol squat, you and your partner provide increased stability for each other as well as a counterbalance, making this difficult exercise a more manageable task for you both.

Face your partner and clasp hands while you both lift one leg in the air and extend it in front of your body. You may need to stagger your stance a bit to avoid getting in the way of one another. From there, both of you will lower down into the deepest single-leg squat you can manage, using your partner to maintain stability and balance. Make sure to go slowly and avoid using momentum to drop down.

Pause briefly at the bottom, then squeeze your partner's hand, clench your abs, and drive the heel of your squatting leg into the floor to stand up. When you finish one side, switch and repeat on the other leg.

About the Author

Al Kavadlo is one of the world’s leading experts in bodyweight strength training, and author of several books including the Amazon bestseller Get Strong. As lead instructor for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC), Al brings his unique coaching style to fitness trainers and enthusiasts around the globe. For more information, visit