By Thomas DeLauer

Complement your athletic build with one of HYLETE’s quad-blend crews. Thomas DeLauer, HYLETE Community Captain, discusses product features and benefits. See why this crew is the ultimate game changer! Learn more about the quad-blend collection at

Can’t get enough of the quad-blend collection? Head over to watch the quad-blend polo deep dive.

The following is a transcription of the above video:

Hi, I'm Thomas DeLauer your HYLETE Community Captain here to give you a product deep dive on the game-changing Icon II Quad-Blend Crew. Built with HYLETE's proprietary quad-blend fabric, this is the perfect T, whether you're in the guy or you're just looking for an insanely comfortable shirt. The quad-bled fabric leverages the unique properties of four distinct fibers to provide an optimal resiliency, wicking, and durability.

This shirt offers the perfect amount of stretch to keep your training movements comfortable and unrestricted. Finally, the V-shaped back panel design perfectly compliments your athletic build and enhances the results of your training.

Check out this HYLETE Community favorite and shop all quad-blend products at