By Thomas DeLauer

Here’s why you should replace all of your old polos with HYLETE’s icon II quad-blend polo. Thomas DeLauer, HYLETE Community Captain, dives into product details and explains why this polo is great for training and maintaining a professional look.  

Similar to the polo, the modus short is great for maintaining a more professional look and life outside the gym.

The following is a transcription of the above video:

A polo with performance.

Hi, I'm Thomas DeLauer, your HYLETE community captain here to tell you to replace all those polos in your closet with the HYLETE Icon II quad-blend polo. Built with HYLETE's proprietary quad-linen fabric, the Icon II quad-blend polo has a business casual appearance, but it has the functionality and resilience of your favorite workout apparel.

The quad-blend fabric leverages the unique properties of four distinct fibers to provide optimal stretch, wicking, and durability. Strategically-placed stitching allows this polo to maintain a consistent, crisp color stance, eliminating any unwanted color spread. The V-shaped back panel design perfectly complements your athletic build and the results of your training.

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